Dear Manheim Central Neighbor
We canít stand by and let the Trump administration repeal healthcare reform, eliminate air and water quality rules, reverse policies that rebuilt our economy after the 2008 crash and reined in Wall Streetís reckless actions, gut Social Security and Medicare benefits, dismantle our PUBLIC school system, and ...

We must push back against the presidentís executive orders to build a wall, deny women reproductive healthcare, build pipelines that will damage our land, water and air, and target our immigrant neighbors.

We must make our voices heard locally, statewide, and nationally. We cannot be overwhelmed by all the negative news coming out each day. If we work hard to educate and inform ourselves, we can overcome the hurdles placed in front of us.

We will need everyoneís help to mobilize this movement!

Whether you want to attend an information program on the ACA, take part in a rally dealing with a topic that you are passionate about, call a legislator, or write letters to the editor, you can make a difference.

Please join us in working together to improve the lives of all our citizens (and noncitizens) and to preserve the America that we all love. America is about giving opportunity to all people, no matter who they are or where they came from. That is a core value that the Democratic Party was built on.

Contact any of us on the Manheim Central Democratic Committee, visit our website, , or visit the Lancaster County Democratic Committee website,

Thank you for raising your voice and for your support of the work of our local Manheim Central Democratic party.