The validity of our mission is demonstrated in the way we serve.

We strive to advance the cause of a free democracy by assisting our constituents to fully participate in all aspects of the election process so that the rights of all are upheld and the civil liberties that are our birthright are not trampled upon, eroded, or dismantled.

Because the foundational pillars that have defined us as a nation are being attacked and reconfigured, the Manheim Central Democratic Party stands in opposition to any legislation or orders which makes us less secure, less free, more restricted, and places obstacles and limits on individuals, families and groups attempting to peacefully live the American Dream.

We are in support of strengthening public education, preserving affordable health care, Social Security and Medicare, safeguarding civil rights, a free and independent press and the separation of the three branches of government, as well as continuing to build upon the economic recovery including increases for wage earners, jobs that bolster the middle class and reining in corporate greed.

Manheim Democrats are invested in this community. Like so many of you, we cherish the work ethic and values that our country was built upon.

In our numerous faith communities we welcome and assist the poorest, the most marginalized and the defenseless through outreach efforts locally, nationally and globally.